Friday, 1 April 2011

Plug In Towel Warmer- convenient and elegant

Whether you are in the service business which uses towels (hospitality, spa, massage therapists, chiropractors, hospitals etc) or even if the towels are for personal use only, there is high probability that a good towel warmer be it the Runtal towel warmer or the Myson towel warmer will not be amiss! Towel warmers provide you with such warm, dry towels that engulfed in them you feel snug and ‘toasty’! While purchasing a towel warmer you should choose one which is made from durable materials and is long lasting. You will then find it to be an ideal fixture for your home, spa or hotel. Electric towel warmers are not only easy to install they are also perfect for even a modest budget. These can be hardwired or plugged into any electrical outlet and they come in designs ranging from classic, traditional to contemporary and trendy.

Plug in towel warmer is the most practical and easiest to install as all that it requires is a power point of the correct voltage and it can simply be plugged in. You can use plug -in towel warmers for sauna, boat or kitchen use or practically anywhere as only an electric outlet is necessary. Since they are electric they can be used all year round as opposed to the hydronic towel warmers which require to be connected to plumbing lines because they need hot water supply to get it functioning and hot water may not be used in the summer months.  Most of the electric towel warmers are oil filled in that they function with the help of built-in oil filled unit which heats the fluid although some models are using a mixture of glycol and water with success.

The hardwired electrical towel warmers need to be wired into the main electric line but they can easily be converted into the plug-in system. These can be operated continuously yet are energy saving with their energy output coming to only as much as two light bulbs. Most of these warmers operate at a safe temperature and many feature a thermostat which switches off the unit if the temperature gets warmer than normal.

But for those looking for convenience, affordability and style, plug-in towel warmers are hard to beat. Even if you are on a limited budget or the wiring in your home/commercial establishment does not permit playing around with it to fit in an electric warmer yet you crave an electric towel warmer, the plug-in variety is the solution to all your problems. The free standing plug in towel warmer is convenient requiring no installation and looks elegant. You just to have to plug it in and you are ready to be provided with comfy warm towels. Since it can be moved around wherever you wish, it is ideal for multiple usages in the laundry room, exercise room or bathroom or bedroom or the kitchen. It’s entirely up to you to put it where you see fit.

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