Friday, 1 April 2011

Myson Towel Warmer- the best in the hydronic warmer segment

A towel warmer has become a necessity and is no longer considered a luxury which few could afford. This is in a large measure due to the fact that towel warmers are available in a variety of designs and functions and prices which makes them more accessible to everyone now. From modestly priced electric towel warmers to high-end ones, every bathroom, kitchen or nursery or any commercial establishment can afford to have one depending upon the buyer’s budget. Towel warmers are great for not only warming up towels but they also work equally well as driers for coats, jackets, delicate clothing or hand washed clothing and even kitchen dishcloths and mitts. They are also very useful in keeping out the dampness from poorly-ventilated bathrooms thus preventing mildew from forming.

Towel warmers are mainly either electric towel warmer or hydronic warmers. The main difference between the two is that hydronic towel warmers run on hot water supply which can be got from the central heating system while the electric ones are mainly oil filled. Many hydronic towel warmers come in wall mounted or floor mounted designs making them easy to connect to the home plumbing. But, because they are used with the help of central heating, their operation is limited to only when the central heating is in progress.

A special pump and a separate heating tube can be used so that it is possible to use the towel warmer even in the summer months. Hydronic towel warmers tend to be more expensive than the electric ones and need the services of a professional plumber for installation. This type is ideal for a pool deck or at the end of a long walk from the shower as there are no electrical restrictions on its placement. Myson towel warmer is a highly respected name in the hydronic segment and is recognized by interior decorators, home owners, architects, builders and contractors alike.

Electric towel warmer is mainly oil filled and as soon as it is plugged in, the oil begins heating it. Most of them come with a low wattage heating element making them perfectly safe as well as economical. This type of warmer is fitted with a built-in electrical heating unit which heats the fluid circulating in the unit. Electric towel warmers are either soft wired (plug in towel warmers) or hard wired which requires wiring in conjunction with the bathroom electrical system. They can also be got with timers so it is possible for you preheat towels depending upon your schedule. The problem with oil filled electric warmers is that sometimes they might develop a leak if not maintained properly. So, you have to ensure that the seals don’t get worn away.

Myson towel warmers offer very distinctive and innovative ways of heating your home or commercial establishment and with their stylish yet functional designs are much sought-after. Myson towel warmers add a touch of class whether it is in your home or spa and are worth the installation.

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