Thursday, 28 February 2013

What Is A Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers are becoming increasingly common so it is quite possible that you must have heard of them. However, if you haven’t then take some time out to go through the provided information on these electric gadgets which are rapidly becoming indispensable for most home owners. 

Towel warmers are very similar to towel racks in appearance. There is usually single or multiple bars in the towel warmer fixture that allows hanging of one or multiple towels. The difference between these gadgets and common towel rack is the fact that the former have a heating system coiled into them which heats the towels or other fabrics which are hung on them. 

The main purpose of these towel warmers is what is obvious – to heat the towels so that they are nicely warm and ready when one steps out of the shower. As such, bath robes, towel gowns and small face towels can also be hanged on them to provide a welcoming effect to the user. 

The towel warmers were more commonly used in luxury hotels and restaurants but now because of their improved utility, wide variety and hence increased affordability the towel warmers are bought to cater for multiple uses around the house. For example, some electric towel warmers are manufactured in the form of independently standing units and can therefore be placed at any spot around the house where there is an electrical socket. 

You can place the electric towel warmers in the kitchen, dining room, near the entrance (to dry off and warm up mittens and coats) and bedroom etc. hence an electric towel warmer can be placed at any convenient area. 

The heated towel rails, on the other hand, need to be installed at a fixed spot and are usually connected with the water heating system. You will require an expert to do that. When searching for towel warmer, Jeeves Towel warmer, Warmrails towel warmer, Wesaunard towel warmer, Amba towel warmers and Myson towel warmers are some of the prominent names that you will come across.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Heated towel rails- the best way to add luxury

If you find the concept of a bathroom radiator or heater uncomfortable and unnecessarily space consuming, you should switch to heated towel rails. Towel rails when heated provide mostly the same benefits a radiator provides, but is a less cumbersome and less expensive device. 
Installing heated towel rails have many advantages. They are quick to dry your towels and keep them warm. Not only towels, you can also dry your socks, gloves and other such garments to great effect on the heated rails.  This way as soon as you step out of a warm shower, you have a warm towel to dry you and warm clothes to put on. Heated rails also ensure that the towel does not lose its softness giving you the ultra luxurious feel that a tumble dryer cant give. Also, as the name suggests, the heated towel rails provide a convenient way of storing towels. 

Towel rails can be very attractive and are available in a wide range of designs and colors. They can be installed to make your bathroom look more stylish and contemporary. They are available in interesting colors like gold, silver, chrome, beige, black and white. You can also find rails with patterns printed on them. If you are extremely particular about what you put into your bathroom, you can get customized heated rails to match the rest of the fittings in your bathroom. Choose a towel rail that appeals to your aesthetic sense. It looks much better than a radiator. 

Having a towel rail in your bathroom is very commonplace, but having a heated towel rail is not only a luxury but also very hygienic. This is because, most viruses develop and breed in moist surroundings and the heated rail by keeping your bathroom warm and dry, discourages the growth of bacteria and therefore saves you from getting infectious diseases like the flu and common cold. 

Towel rails or towel warmer racks are the easiest to install. They do not have as many complications as a radiator and you will be able to successfully install one with the most menial DIY skills. All you need to do is bolt the rails to the wall and connect it to your existing radiator setting. The thing to bear in mind here is, to get rails that fit into your existing radiator fittings. 

These towel warmers or rails can be electric or dual-fuel based. If you purchase an electric heated rail, all you need to do is switch n and switch off the device. This device operates independently, however depends on weather conditions as well. The dual fuel radiator works with the central heating system. Therefore, when the central heating is on, the radiator works, but when it is off, the radiator wont work. Choose the best option going with whether you have central heating or not.