Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Irresistible Runtal Radiators

Toasty towels are what Runtal Radiators are all about.  With a comprehensive yet diverse selection of freestanding and wall mounted plug-in, hardwired and hydronic towel warmers in Runtal’s portfolio to choose from, heating your towels, and keeping them warm, has never been so simple and stylish.  They describe many of their models as sleek Eurostyle, yet their price points offer cost effectiveness if you have either a tight or an unlimited budget.  This is amplified by the fact that every piece is built to endure and last, offering you assurance that you are not wasting your money on throwaway equipment that is here one year and gone the next.

Staggeringly, your choice of Runtal Radiators spans over 100 colors in a number of different finishes.  Their electric towel warmers offer you optimum opportunity to really mix and match them in with your décor, making them literally part of your furniture.  When faced with such vast realms of choice, it should come as little surprise to you that Runtal products are firm favorites amongst professional architects and interior designers.  Corner cutting for fast bucks results in lost reputations and is not an option in their worlds.  The experts only use the best of the best, as they have the expectations of their paying clients to exceed.  Furthermore, Runtal are actually credited with inventing the panel radiator in the Fifties.  Contemporary models, which have evolved considerably during the interim period, combine comfort, durability, energy efficiency, style, radiant warmth and, very importantly, versatility. 

Runtal Radiators are far more multitasking than simply being towel warmers alone.  The professionals also use them as coat hangers and room dividers; so can you.  Due to the variety of colors, designs and sizes, they can be discreetly camouflaged by your interior décor, or you can go in the opposite direction and make them features in their own rights.  Attached them to ceilings, under bay windows and other smaller windows, in tight corners – these are just a few tips and tricks that you can pick up from the experts who demand both service and style of Runtal.

It might pleasantly surprise you that Towel Warmer Outlet offers Runtal towel warmers without the hefty price tags you may have imagined for top of the range products.  It does not deal in discontinued products or seconds.  It purchases in bulk from all of the leading names in the field. You can then take advantage of its bulk buying power, as it can offer you premium products at a steal.

Make Your Towel Warmer A Myson

There are many comprehensive and varied ranges of towel warmers on the market, none moreso that Myson.  When hoping to browse through a portfolio that can offer you maximum choice and style, Myson towel warmers are right up there at the very top of the industry.  It is testament to their market leading position that their products are regularly the first and only choices for not only domestic buyers, but also for architects, builders and interior designers. These professionals would not stake their reputations on Myson products time and time again if their clients were not completely satisfied.

What sets Myson towel warmers apart from their many competitors is that they are designed and made in accordance to a noble ethos of distinction combined with innovation.  The end results can be entrenched in classical traditionalism, uber contemporary or unique amalgamations of the two.  Furthermore, Myson designs come in such a broad range of shapes, sizes and styles that you will be left spoilt for choice – especially if you had previously held the common misconception that towel warmers are generic items purely serving functional purposes.

You can confidently put your trust in Myson’s impressive range of electric towel warmers.  Literally hundreds of thousands of domestic consumers, corporate businesses, health clubs and hotels do.  To give you an idea of the scale of the operation, Myson is a longstanding and well respected company that was formed in 1977, to consolidate the position of the umbrella company, Retttig ICC, across America.  Rettig is based in Finland and the ICC in its title stands for Indoor Climate Comfort.  Overall, Rettig is the largest single radiator manufacturer across America, China and Europe. 

Forearmed with a little background knowledge, it is therefore unsurprising that Myson’s range of plug-in, hydronic and hardwired towel warmers is amongst the most extensive around.  The choice is nothing less than outstanding.  There are free standing and wall mounted models of many different sizes, suitable for just a few towels or many simultaneously.  Some models are crisp white, whilst others  have highly polished brass, steel and satin finishes. 

Myson promises to remain at the cutting edge of product development, ensuring that their models will continue to be amongst the most wanted at Towel Warmer Outlet.  Both domestic and trade customers can peruse images, read detailed descriptions and purchase safely online if they are unable to visit its Maine premises in person.  There are no financial penalties for buying Myson towel warmers online, as shipping is completely free of charge.      

Go For The Glow Of Amba Towel Warmers

If towel warmers feature on your wish list, for use in your home or your workplace, a leading American brand that might appeal to you is Amba.  Their comprehensive product range offers a variety of stainless steel models, coupling comfort and practicality with durability.  In fact, you cannot really make shopping mistakes when opting for Amba towel warmers, which are purpose designed and constructed with the way you live your busy life at heart. 

An Amba model ticks all the boxes of what you would expect from a towel warmer rack.  As they do not use brass or low grade steel in their production process, any worries you might have about rusting, plus general wear and tear, are eradicated.  Amba’s electric towel warmers advantageously feature multiple rails, so you can get the very most out of your investment, being able to keep several of your towels dry and heated, rather than just a single one.  If you live alone, you can enjoy warmed fluffy towels for your body, your face and your hair.  For family or business use, no one needs to be left out if family or colleagues are assigned with their own towels.  No more excuses for damp towels being left abandoned on the sides of baths and sinks, as heated rails additionally present perfect storage solutions.

Amba’s collection features both freestanding plug-in and hardwired models, so, besides static use, their freestanding models can be carried from room to room.  You can even take them along with you on boat or caravan holidays.  They can also be put to good use in several places at the likes of gyms, health clubs and other leisure facilities with changing rooms, saunas, spas and swimming pools.  As safety is of paramount importance in all scenarios, you can rest assured that each and every Amba towel warmer has an internally controlled thermostat that automatically cuts out if there is a potential danger of overheating.  This offers you the peace of mind that every possible measure has been taken to reduce the possibility of burns in homes, businesses and public places.

Towel Warmer Outlet in Maine, USA, remains a family run business since first opening its doors in 1972.  Its expert and professional staff are only too delighted to discuss with you the best possible options to suit your budget and your requirements.  Out of the many ranges it offers, Amba towel warmers continue to be exceptionally popular choices.   

Towel Warmer Bargains For Trade Bulk Buyers

Many corporate businesses and factories provide their employees with shower facilities in which towel warmers can be used.  Airports, bars, clubs, hotel, restaurants, gyms, educational institutions and many other businesses with private and public bathrooms can add touches of functionality combined with luxury by installing towel warmers in their bathrooms. There are very few businesses that cannot use towel warmers at their premises.  Many of the models that are most popularly purchased for bulk use conveniently serve the dual purposes of keeping towels warm and dry, plus maintaining comfortable levels of warmth in the rooms in which they are installed and used. 

When looking to purchase electric towel warmers en masse, you will, of course, benefit from the guidance of the professionals, who can suggest specific models and types based on your brief.  Some businesses are more than adequately serviced with hardwired towel warmers, which are patched in to the electrical systems of premises, static after installation and manually switched on at the wall.  Many businesses with substantial requirements opt for hydronic systems.   These systems are additionally plumbed in with the central heating in buildings, meaning that each towel warmer rack is heated when the boiler is on. 

A further consideration that might be brought to your attention when speaking with potential suppliers is that you might need to tackle several issues in one fell swoop.  If so, comprehensive systems regularly chosen for commercial use, such as Amba and Myson towel warmers and Runtal radiators, may offer you cost effective workplace heating that extends over and above the sole purpose of towel warming in bathrooms and changing rooms.  Whether you are a time served professional or a novice at bulk procurement for your business, you will be aware of the buying power you possess and skilled in using it you your advantage to negotiate the best possible bulk rates available. 

Whatever you need, want and require for your business, Towel Warmer Outlet has the right models and systems to match and exceed your expectations.  It is expert in providing quotes to businesses, taking in to account budgets, amounts, shapes and sizes of spaces in which heating and towel warming is required and environmental policies.  Furthermore, as it is vastly experienced in dealing with commercial requirements, besides domestic ones.  It has a long standing ethos of offering bulk discounts to business buyers, with shipping included on a complimentary basis, resulting in further substantial savings.    

Ramp Up Your Bathtime Experience With A Bathroom Towel Warmer

There is simply nothing like a nice hot bath.  You might be pampering yourself with a plethora of delicious products ahead of a hot date or special occasion.  You could be washing away your aches and pains after participating in sports or working out at the gym.  Otherwise, you may simply need a relaxing bath to relieve the stresses and tensions after a hard day at work.  What more appealing way to put the icing on the cake than to have your very own towel warmer.

Most folks have experienced the luxurious indulgence that towel warmers add when staying at hotels during business or leisure trips.  Your own personal preference may be for baths, showers, or a mixture of both, dependent upon the amount of time you have available and the occasion.  Either way, your cleansing experience is brought to a highly satisfactory conclusion by stepping out of the water straight in to an awaiting warm fluffy towel. 

Electric towel warmers come in a broad variety of freestanding, hardwired and hydronic models. Those you have experienced in gyms or hotels are often hydronic towel warmers that work in partnership with central heating systems.  Dependent upon your personal requirements, you might decide to opt for the same.  Hydronic models provide heat for the rooms in which they are installed, besides simply heating your towels.  This is a great added bonus if your bathroom is regularly cold or for during the winter months.  These warmers come on when your central heating does, whether you operate it manually to suit or have it on a timer. 

If you think that a hydronic model might be a little above your budget, or you lack the time and resources right now to see to the plumbing side of things, there are other towel warmer options for you.  Freestanding plug-in towel warmers are by far the most cost effective, simplest and also portable choices.  Only a minimal amount of assembly is required when you bring your package home or have it delivered to you.  Nothing needs installing, you just plug and go.

When thinking about enhancing your bathtime bliss, check out Towel Warmer Outlet as your first contact.  It is Maine based, yet dispatches many kinds of towel warmers across the United States daily, without additional shipping costs.  Its bathroom towel warmer ranges include budget models, plus all of the biggest and best names in the towel warming game, such as Amba, Myson and Runtal.