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Myson– a trusted name in the towel warmer segment

Towel warmers

A towel warmer has become a necessary indulgence as there is nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in a fluffy, warm towel on cold days or after an invigorating shower/bath. It makes you feel comfortable and pampered. Although there is a wide variety of these towel warmers available in the market because of its huge popularity make sure that you choose a trusted brand. Myson is a well-known and reputed brand in the towel warmer segment and has plenty of designs, models to offer the discerning customer. The price ranges from modest to the high-end and it has all sorts of towel warmers to suit every home, spa or other commercial establishments. They come in a variety of materials like chrome, bronze, stainless steel, brass or nickel to suit any décor. There are many sizes available also to fit into the required area. Heated towel rails or warmers are useful for not only towels but also for quick drying of jackets, coats or other delicate or hand-washed clothing. In the bathroom they help to keep out the moistness thus preventing mildew, mold and a host of other bacteria.  They are very handy in the kitchen too for acting as driers for kitchen mitts and dish cloths.
Towel warmers can either be hydronic or electric and both have different heating methods. Hydronic warmers use hot water supply from the central heating system to run and the electric ones have to be connected to electricity and run on oil which is inside them. Hydronic towel warmers cost more than the electric ones and needs professional installation to prevent any snags occurring in other areas of the house when the heating is on. Myson has a range of hydronic towel warmers which can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted and the brand is the first choice of all interior designers, builders, architects and contractors. Hydronic warmers are well-suited to a pool deck or if there is a long walk from the shower as there are no restrictions on its placement due to electricity concerns.
Myson also leads in the electric towel warmer segment and offers a choice of plug-in or hard wired warmers. The hard wired ones require to be connected to the bathroom electrical system. In the lug-in variety, as soon as the warmer is plugged in, the oil within it begins getting heated up and radiates heat. The portable variety is handy as it can be shifted from one place to the other as per your needs. Myson has a range of budget electric towel warmers too which will fit in any bathroom décor without causing a hole in your pocket. You will get warm towels along with a reduction in mildew and musty smells in the bathroom. Its designer towel warmers come in stylish designs offering a contemporary look.
Myson towel warmers are suitable for both kitchen installations as well as bathroom towel racks. They offer elegant style, functionality and practicality and are a good choice for your home or commercial establishment.

Towel warmers- opt for eco-friendly ones to be environmentally responsible

Heated Towel Rails

The very nomenclature, ‘towel warmers’ conjures up visions of large, fluffy, warm and ‘toasty’ towels and it is enough to make you want to jump into the shower right away! But, seriously speaking, towel warmers have become practical necessities rather than mere luxuries due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, in perpetually cold climates or in colder weather, taking a bath or shower becomes a lot less uncomfortable if you have warm towels to wrap yourself with immediately. Secondly, it is a given fact that a host of bacteria thrive in moist, damp conditions and towels left to dry by themselves or dried improperly are ideal breeding grounds for such bacteria. Towels dried properly on these warmers get rid of the dampness and thus prevent viruses from transmitting to your body. These racks are also useful for drying out other items of clothing like coats, jackets, bathing suits or kitchen dishcloths. Although not designed as room heaters towel warmers do their bit in reducing dampness in the room and are especially useful in poorly-ventilated bathrooms.
The primary concern of the home owner while shopping for a towel warmer would be the comfort, price and style and fortunately, the market is flooded with a huge variety of these devices. They all come with their unique style patterns and configurations and Myson is considered to be a leading brand amongst them. Hydronic or electrical towel warmers, heated towel rails and towel radiators are all manufactured by this company offering durability, functionality and elegance. These devices can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted and are available in many hues and finishes. They can be brass-plated or chrome-plated, stainless steel or nickel-coated. Hydronic ones have to be connected to the central heating system whereas the electrical ones are either hardwired into the electrical system of the house or simply plugged in. the plug-in ones are very convenient as you can simply use any nearby power outlet in whichever room you want to.  But, whether hydronic or electrical, a trained technician or electrician has to be hired to do the job.
Towel warmers impart a gentle, comfortable heat to towels and not a blistering, scalding heat which would make the usage of the towels very uncomfortable. For this reason, they are also frequently used in warming baby blankest, bedding and related clothing.
First-time buyers should settle for reputed brands like Myson as the quality is assured and one can choose from a wide variety of models according to one’s budget. Lovely colours like silver, gold, brown, black or white and stylish designs add to the aesthetics of any bathroom. Where towel warmers, towel radiators are concerned one should settle for quality even if one has to pay a little bit extra rather than a cheap one where the quality may be substandard. Of late, eco-friendly and energy-efficient towel warmers have also made their foray into the market and as far as possible one should try and opt for such models to do one’s bit for the environment. 

Electric towel warmers ensure odorless and dry towels every time!

Towel warmers, towel radiators, heated towel rails are no longer considered the indulgences of the select rich but have increasingly made their presence felt in homes across all strata. This holds especially true for places in colder climates as one can quickly wrap up in a warm, snug towel soon after a shower/bath. Electric towel warmers are bathroom accessories which are meant to dry the bath towels quickly and are great for those who do not like using damp towels.

Electric towel warmers are made of metal consisting of two vertical rods and several horizontal rods. They can either be soft wired (plug in variety) or hardwired with wiring in conjunction with the electrical system of the bathroom. The oil inside the tubes gets heated up and then the towels can simply be draped on the rods for them to dry out within a few minutes. Some also come attached with timers so towels can be preheated at your convenience. This type of towel warmer is also cost-effective as it utilizes a mere 120 volts and its consumption of electricity is less than that of an electric bulb. Since its main component is oil it consumes less power and your electricity bill definitely does not get bloated due to the usage of this towel warmer.

The other main advantage of an electric towel warmer is that since it keeps the towels dry, there is less chance of catching infections from moist, damp towels. Damp towels are the easiest way to spread infections like cold, flu, virus and electric towel warmers help combat this problem. They dry up the moisture in the towels leaving the towels free form germs and bacteria. The towels also feel fresh and odor free, as if newly washed and are a pleasure to use. A bathroom is anyway a place where it is very easy for bacteria to breed as it offers a damp atmosphere and mold, fungus are more likely to make an appearance here than in any other room. The heat radiated from electric towel warmers makes the bathroom less conducive to bacteria and inhibits the growth of fungi and mold making it easier to clean as well as provide a more relaxing bath.

An electric towel warmer is very useful to have in the house as it offers multiple functions. Not only does it dry the towels so you no longer are forced into making do with damp towels it also keeps the towels warm which can be a really comfortable feeling during cold weather. It keeps the chills away soon after a shower. It can also be used for a quick dry of your socks, handkerchiefs or blouses. Myson is one of the most trusted names in the towel warmers segment and has a variety of towel warmers in various colors like bronze, gold, white or silver and designs like spiral, rack or basket to suit your taste.

Electric towel warmers are a fast and convenient way of ensuring moisture-free and dry towels every time you go for a bath without the hassles of washing them daily.

Towel Radiators- a luxurious way to begin your morning!

Towel Warmer

Comfort has become the primary factor for every individual be it in the house or outside. The days of spartan living are long over and people are no longer counting their pennies when it comes to making improvements to the house to increase the comfort level. Once considered a luxury, towel warmers are now ‘de rigeur’ in most households and have become items of necessity rather than indulgences. Radiators have long been a must in houses in cold climates as without the heat generated from the radiators the rooms would become unbearably cold and uncomfortable. The mechanism behind them is simple; heated water travels throughout the radiators leading to radiant heat which helps in warming up the atmosphere. Similarly, towel radiators are used primarily for drying and warming towels and have become a necessary and popular bathroom accessory.

There are many designs available in towel radiators ranging from the simple to the more intricate and the cost goes down or up according to the design chosen. These towel radiators are vented and made of steel tubes and multiple towels can be dried on them simultaneously. The heating mechanism varies and includes electrical powered, centrally heated or a combination of both. As far as possible it is prudent to get these towel warmers installed by a professional electrician because of the closeness of water and electricity. And even if they are connected to the central heating system, a trained technician should be hired to do the job so that the installation is sound and will have no impact on the heating elsewhere.

Some key factors should be considered before the actual installation of the towel radiator. The size, location, method of heating and cost of the radiator are important aspects. The size of the towel radiator is in direct proportion to its location as obviously one cannot have a large radiator in a small space. If the bathroom area is small, the available space should be utilized to the maximum but care should also be taken to ensure that the towels are not forced to hang upon water sources. Besides this, the radiator must be easily accessible otherwise the whole purpose of having a towel warmer in the bathroom gets defeated. Besides, it is a known fact that damp areas are a breeding ground for fungus, mold and other types of bacteria. Wet towels which are not dried properly can cause infections and for this reason also towel radiators are very useful to have in the house. Towel radiators can also be installed in places other than the bathroom. For example, the kitchen or laundry room are also good choices for placing the radiators. Drying dishes with preheated towels will suddenly become a less monotonous chore! The method of heating and the cost are interdependent on each other. 

There are several brands of towel warmers available in the market of which Myson is a known and trusted brand. With bathrooms becoming stylish, elegantly designed towel radiators add a further touch of class to the area.

Heated Towel Rails- choosing the right one for your bathroom

Towel Warmers
Heated towel rails are meant to dry and warm your towels and they are fast replacing the radiators as a stylish yet functional alternative. These towel rails not only provide warmth in the bathroom itself they also cut out the condensation thereby limiting the growth of mildew and mold to a large extent. They also help in giving an organized look to your bathroom as clothes/towels can be hung neatly on them. Some of these towel warmers come with timers which give you the facility to preheat your towels and to turn them on or off at the requisite time.
Heated towel rails come mainly in three varieties; plumbed-in rails, electric rails and dual fuel rails. Plumbed-in towel warmers are connected to the central heating system and they are much cheaper than the other types of towel rails. These rails automatically get heated once the central heating system starts and are great for those cold mornings to keep the bathroom nicely warm. Electric rails are not connected to the central heating system and can be turned on or off depending upon the weather. This works great during warm weather when the central heating system is not used yet you can wallow in the luxury of warm towels. This is type of towel warmer is also useful if you do not have a central heating already in place. For a combination of both functions you should opt for the dual fuel rails.
Owing to the increasing popularity of heated towel rails, bathroom suppliers have started keeping a large stock of these towel warmers in a variety of materials, models and designs. These rails also come in many different colors and sizes to suit every individual need.  Some of the most popular designs are the curved, ladder and round towel rails. Curved towel rails take up minimal space and can be hung on any wall. They come in various shapes and sizes and work very well at low temperatures. If you wish to add a decorative element in the shape of a towel warmer then these rails are for you. They add beauty to your bathroom besides giving a clean, uncluttered to the area. Ladder towel rails are designed to hold multiple towels simultaneously and are good for handling a whole family’s towels. They also add the classic touch to your bathroom. The base of these ladder rails too can be used as storage. For simplicity and sturdiness opt for the round rails which can hold one or more towels depending upon the structure (singleton or coupled). These blend in unobtrusively with the rest of the bathroom and offer easy maintenance and durability.
While shopping for heated towel rails, the basic thing to keep in mind is whether the rail will fit in with the size and design of the room and the amount of work you are willing to put in its installation. There are many trusted brands available in the market of which Myson is one of the foremost in this segment.