Friday, 13 April 2012

Towel Radiators- a luxurious way to begin your morning!

Towel Warmer

Comfort has become the primary factor for every individual be it in the house or outside. The days of spartan living are long over and people are no longer counting their pennies when it comes to making improvements to the house to increase the comfort level. Once considered a luxury, towel warmers are now ‘de rigeur’ in most households and have become items of necessity rather than indulgences. Radiators have long been a must in houses in cold climates as without the heat generated from the radiators the rooms would become unbearably cold and uncomfortable. The mechanism behind them is simple; heated water travels throughout the radiators leading to radiant heat which helps in warming up the atmosphere. Similarly, towel radiators are used primarily for drying and warming towels and have become a necessary and popular bathroom accessory.

There are many designs available in towel radiators ranging from the simple to the more intricate and the cost goes down or up according to the design chosen. These towel radiators are vented and made of steel tubes and multiple towels can be dried on them simultaneously. The heating mechanism varies and includes electrical powered, centrally heated or a combination of both. As far as possible it is prudent to get these towel warmers installed by a professional electrician because of the closeness of water and electricity. And even if they are connected to the central heating system, a trained technician should be hired to do the job so that the installation is sound and will have no impact on the heating elsewhere.

Some key factors should be considered before the actual installation of the towel radiator. The size, location, method of heating and cost of the radiator are important aspects. The size of the towel radiator is in direct proportion to its location as obviously one cannot have a large radiator in a small space. If the bathroom area is small, the available space should be utilized to the maximum but care should also be taken to ensure that the towels are not forced to hang upon water sources. Besides this, the radiator must be easily accessible otherwise the whole purpose of having a towel warmer in the bathroom gets defeated. Besides, it is a known fact that damp areas are a breeding ground for fungus, mold and other types of bacteria. Wet towels which are not dried properly can cause infections and for this reason also towel radiators are very useful to have in the house. Towel radiators can also be installed in places other than the bathroom. For example, the kitchen or laundry room are also good choices for placing the radiators. Drying dishes with preheated towels will suddenly become a less monotonous chore! The method of heating and the cost are interdependent on each other. 

There are several brands of towel warmers available in the market of which Myson is a known and trusted brand. With bathrooms becoming stylish, elegantly designed towel radiators add a further touch of class to the area.

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