Friday, 31 May 2013

For optimal warmth in limited space opt for Runtal towel warmer

The towel warmer has become de rigour in most households and is no longer thought of as luxury accessories. From the rickets of households to the most average, the bathroom towel warmer will be present in at least one area of the house. Europeans have long known this and the rest of the world is catching up fast on this concept.

The Runtal towel warmer is one of the best to be had in the market and has been a formidable presence in both the European and American market for years. Towel warmers can be freestanding towel warmers or fixed ones either to the wall or the floor. Runtal offers all kinds of towel warmers and its vast range encompasses some models which double up as room radiators also. The Runtal towel warmer offers comfortable heating in the bathroom while simultaneously providing dry, warm towels. The bathroom gets heated evenly and quietly and both electric and hydronic models are equally efficient. The electric model is self-contained while the hydronic one has to be integrated into the hot water system of the house. A wide range of sizes ensures that there will be a Runtal towel warmer fitting the allotted space in the bathroom beautifully. Variations in outputs enable the towel warmer to be used solely as towel warmer rack or as a source of heat for the entire area.

The Runtal towel warmer has been designed to enable the towels to get warm to its maximum capacity. Quick to adapt advanced technology, the models are constantly evolving and offer better benefits like uniform heating, minimal user dependency and more safety features. The Runtal towel warmer operates gently and quietly without the popping and pinging found in many other brands and is ideal for those wanting maximum comfort in limited space.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Wesaunard towel warmer- a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

If you live in a place where winters are very harsh or if you are thekind who feels very cold, then investing in a towel warmer is a must. Showers and baths in cold weather can get pretty uncomfortable but towel warmers help beat the cold. The bathroom towel warmer is a unit designed to keep your towels warm, dry and moisture free. This can be either wall mounted or floor mounted. The wall mounted ones are normally like heated rails which are either fixed to the walls or swing out from them. The floor mounted ones too can either be fixed or freestanding which means that they can be shifted from one place to the other without a problem.

Although with the growing popularity of towel warmers, there has been a proliferation of brands also, nevertheless, the Wesaunard towel warmer is a name to be reckoned with and is a great bargain considering its many advantages.  The main advantage in investing in a Wesaunard towel warmer is that along with dry towels, you also get a temperature controlled bathroom. This means that not only do you get to wallow in the comfort of a warm, dry towel the minute you step out of the shower but you can also enjoy the luxury of taking a shower in a warm bathroom. 

Offering an extensive choice to consumers, towel warmers from Wesaunard are custom-crafted to perfection and are to be found in the most prestigious of hotels and homes. The forged brass embellishments and components and hand-milled flanges of a Wesaunard towel warmer are a thing of beauty and each piece is stringently inspected before being allowed in the market. With a Wesaunard towel warmer, the otherwise difficult to heat bathroom gets warm and you enjoy the double bonanza of dry, warm towels and bathroom. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

For sheer indulgence, invest in a luxury towel warmer rack

A towel warmer rack will almost certainly be seen in fine spas, upmarket hotels and posh houses across the world. This kind of towel rack ensures that the minute you step out of your bath, you can wrap yourself in a soft, fluffy and warm towel for a wonderful drying experience. It offers a luxurious, sensuous experience and you may be tempted to add one in your home.
Although the feeling of drying off and wrapping yourself in a soft warm towel straight off the heated towel warmer rack is almost sublime, these racks can cost quite a packet and you must be prepared to shell out extra for all the peripheral expenses. The extra expenses will include paying an electrician for the installation and connecting the rack to household heating or the water system in some cases. The utility bills are bound to go up but if you are careful, the bills need not hit the stratosphere. This can be done if you make an intelligent purchase by investing in an energy efficient towel warmer rack even if it costs more initially rather than settling for the cheapest. A good, energy efficient bathroom towel warmer rack will not consume more electricity than a normal light bulb, which, if you consider the benefits of it, is a small price to pay. Runtal towel warmer or Wesaunard towel warmer are all household names and guarantee excellent craftsmanship and performance.
Some towel warmer racks come with adjustable shelves, one or more of which can be detached, if required. The towel warmer rack can be freestanding or wall mounted and can either be fixed or be swung from the wall.
The towel warmer rack is a splurge but once the initial investment is done, you can look forward to having a spa-like experience every day in the comfort of your own home.