Sunday, 25 December 2011

Why Towel Warmers are in great demand

With the advancement of technology, our life has become very simple and easy. Drying up wet towels has become easier with the introduction of towel warmers. Towel warmers are devices that help in drying up your towels fasters. These devices are now very popular and are in great demand. You can see these devices at almost everyone’s bathroom now. They come in various designs and shapes. You can get variety of colors and shades in them.

 Apart from the fact that they help you in keeping your towels warm, these devices are designed in such a way that they become a part of your bathroom accessory. Therefore, they look very stylish and well fitted when you fix them in your bathrooms. They add an extra elegance to your bathroom as you can get them matching with the decorations of your bathroom. Towel heaters have many advantages. Firstly, a warm towel gives you warmth and makes you feel relaxed. Secondly, during winter nothing can make you feel warmer than a warm towel wrapped around you.

The towel warmer is an economical and efficient device. It also traps dust and small particles that can cause allergies. Therefore it is beneficial for people suffering from asthma and other lung diseases. These heaters also keep the room and surrounding ambience warm. It has been medically proved that towel warmers keep your home germ and dust free. Germs can live in warm and moist weather conditions but the warmer keeps your towels and the room absolutely dry, without any moisture in it. That is why it is effective in killing germs and keeping the air germ free.

There are many types of towel warmers but the popular ones are electrical towel heathers and hydronic radiator towel heater. The hydronic radiator towel heater works on the principle of hot water passing through metal bodies. The rods of the heater obtain heat from the flowing hot water inside it. Thus it is able to keep the towels dry and warm. The electrical heater is a simple device. As its name suggests, it draws heat energy from electricity. The moment it is supplied with electrical energy, it becomes heated and thus, keeps the towels dry.

It is a very useful device as it not only keeps your towels dry but during winter, you can use these to keep your woolen clothes warm and dry. During moist weather, you do not need to turn on your heater to keep the room moist free. The towel warmers will keep the rooms dry and comfortably warm.

Myson towel warmers is the most oldest and famous company of hydronic heating industry in US. This brand is very famous for its excellent service is has been proving to people. The brand is well known amongst decorators, architects, home designers and builders. It provides heaters at hotels, health resorts and spas and homes. The brand is the most recognized and demanded brand. Myson towel warmers have many workers and is claimed to be one of the largest brands in US.

Towel Warmer Rack

Towel warming racks are luxury items that originated in Europe. Towel warming racks turn your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like environment, and both dry and warm your towels. Also, the rack provides sanitized and hygienic towels for use. After every bath you can pamper yourself with fresh aromatic towels. There’s nothing nicer than stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a toasty towel. Hang it along or in pairs and make a style statement while adding comfort and convenience to your daily routine. The towel warmer is bound to take a place of pride on the wall and become a focal point in its own right.   They come in a variety of styles and price ranges and though there are a variety of styles to choose from, there are really only two ways to warm towels.
The simplest method to warm towels is with an electric towel warming rack: you just plug the cord into an electrical outlet. These electric warmers are filled with oil, with a filament inside to heat the oil. As the oil becomes warm, it heats the towel rails, which in turn heat the towels. These types of warmers use low power so they are safe and energy efficient. The rails are tightly sealed, so there is no danger of the hot oil spilling out and burning someone. While towel heaters can reach 160 degree F, they never burn the towels.

The second method is hydronic. The "hydro" in the word means water. Hydronic towel warmers use hot water to heat the rails. These warmers connect to a home’s hot water heating system. A pump is needed to circulate the hot water through the rails. Towel warmers connected to the hot water heater are continuously warmed. If your hydronic warmer connects to the hot water heating system, then your towels are warmed every time the house is heated. With this type of heating system in the summer, you need a special pump and a separate heating tube to warm the towel rails with hot water.
There is a great variety of towel racks in the market today. Some are free-standing and portable. Others are built-in or mounted to the wall or to the floor. The modern, stainless steel towel warmer radiator boasts a five-rung design that increases in depth from the base to the top, forming an airing shelf with plenty storage for a stack of rolled or folded towels. The number of rails ranges from one to eight or more. The modular styling of the radiator means that you can pick from one to four panels to make up the towel warmer.
 People buying towel warming racks also get to choose the finish to fit their bathroom decor or style. Finishes include nickel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and gold. Some rails are coated with paint in a range of colors. Other options include the addition of a shelf or two to the warming rack. The latest feature is aromatherapy essential oils added to one of the rails to give the towels and the bathroom a nice scent. There are also warmers which make use of LED technology to emit bright and welcoming light which turns your bathroom into an exquisite spa.

Towel heater, touch of warmth

After a long, lavish and luxurious bath what your body craves for is warmth. But most of the time you are pushed to take your damp towel and get yourself dried. A few years back it was only a luxury to have a towel heater in your bathroom that the star hotels could afford. But now, the situation has changed. Comfort tops the priority list after a day's strenuous work. So, towel heaters are thriving in demand. A number of companies are there who have already made a name in this sector.

Towel heaters are available in a number of forms. Towel warmers, towel heating rails are all that can offer you with the pleasure. There are two main operating systems of these towel heaters. Electric and hydronic. You may shrink from the idea of installing a towel heater in your bathroom, thinking that it will multiply the electric charge. But the truth is something far away from this. These heaters are really less power consuming, much less than the drier. Plus, if you install a hydronic towel heater, the issue of power consumption does not arise at all.

A towel heater looks like a stand with multiple heating rods. Once you keep your towel on these rods, it will get warm and dry within a few minutes. The main purpose of the towel heater is this. But this is not the only and ultimate purpose of a towel heater. They can actually dry up any hand washable clothe equally. Moreover, they can keep away the germ which breed from wetness. The temperature inside the bathroom also remains quite pleasant because of the heat. So, it is not only the after bath moment that would get warmer because of a towel heater, the moment you step inside the bathroom, you will feel an enjoyable warmth hugging you.

Yet there is one more function of these heaters. These can be good bathroom accessories. You can place these heaters at any convenient place of the bathroom. The free standing heaters can be placed at any place since they do not need any support. Those which are supposed to be hung can also add to the beauty of the bathroom. Now, these heaters are coming with different designs and colors suited to the decor of your bathroom. So, if you are planning to revamp your bathroom, you can think of a towel heater which will offer both the beauty to eyes and warmth to your body.

Installing of the heaters is also easy. There are two methods. The heater can be simply plugged. Or, it can be wired with the home's electric setting. If you want to have a hydronic heater, the process is similarly simple. Water is pumped into the heating rods of a heater. It is the impact of the hot water that makes the towel comfortable warm.

Myson, Jeeves, Amba are some brands which offer the best of the towel heaters. If you want to compare all these products and get the best bargain you can log on to Free shipping facility is also available for a range of products.

The electric towel warmers

Bathroom towel warmers are very popular now days. Almost everyone has one at their place. Towel warmers have many benefits. Apart from keeping your towels warm, it keeps the surroundings also warm. It keeps the room warm and dry. These warmers have many more advantages. During winter, you can keep your woolen dresses warm. It is a fact that the heaters kill germs and keeps your house germs free. It works as a room heater as well; therefore, you might not have to switch on your room heaters all the time.

There are a few types of towel heaters. The most common amongst them are the electrical heater and the hydronic towel warmers. The electrical heaters have a plug through which electricity is allowed to flow. As soon as the device is switched on, the heater becomes warm and starts heating up the towel or dress. Now days, there are several types of heaters available in the markets. They differ in shape, size, color and even the material it is made up of. The material ranges from bronze, silver to brass and a few more. The electrical heater is usually more preferable than the hydronic heater.

One of the basic needs of the towel heater is a towel warmer rack. A rack serves many purposes at times. Sometimes, a few rods of heaters are not enough. If you have a big family, a larger heater is always required. Therefore, heating racks are very much in demand. These racks work best if they are electrical ones. The only problem with hydronic heater is that you need to install a hot water pipe. Most people do not prefer this. That is why electrical heaters and racks are very popular. Buying a towel warmer rack is an excellent idea.

The basic purpose of heaters is to keep towels and other garments warm and dry at the same time. Most people use the heaters as room heaters. One of the best brands of heaters is Runtal towel warmer. This company excels in producing various types of racks to wider and larger structures. Their rates vary according to the design of products. Runtal is claimed to be one of the world’s leaders in heating technology and each every product of it is durable and extremely well designed. It a favorite of most architects and home designers as these do not make much noise.

Warmrails towel warmer is leading towel heater company. They manufacture heaters which are energy efficient and consume less energy than most of the electrical heaters in US. It is claimed to be safer and cost efficient. Various shapes and designs are available in this category. Most of them are stylish and easily affordable too. Using the Warmrails towel warmer can turn your bathroom into a luxurious and exquisite spa. It takes up less time to get heated. It keeps the towels fresh and dry and warm. During cold weather, it is the best thing that can make you feel warmer. It is very famous in European countries as well.

Myson Towel warmers, style combined with comfort

Towel warmers redefine comfort by offering an instantly warm hug through a warm towel. Myson is an established name in this industry. So, Myson Towel Warmers are in huge demand. They have a number of towel warmers to fit as your bathroom accessories. A variety of price ranges and designs are available in Myson. There are a number of towel warmers’ dealers who deal with brands like Myson. 

After a luxurious bath who will not love to have a warm and dry cover around him? But, it is most likely that your towel is damp and you are compelled to help yourself with that wet towel only. Here comes the towel warmers that warm up your wet towels in a wink and gift you with a warm touch just after a bath. So, these towel warmers are an object of necessity. Yet, with Myson Towel Warmers they have elevated to the status of fashion accessory of the bathroom décor.

Myson Towel Warmers have an array of towel warmers of different types. Stainless steel towel warmers, classic collection towel warmers, traditional style towel warmers, contemporary design towel warmers are among them. All these have been designed according to the décor of the bathroom. These towel warmers will be a visible and prominent accessory of a bathroom. So they can not ignore the design or the look of the rest of the bathroom. This explains why Myson Towel warmers accommodate a large number of designs starting from traditional to contemporary.

The price of these Myson Towel warmers depend a lot on the metal the towel warmers are made of. Other deciding factors include the design, warranty etc. The starting price is around $400 and the price can go up to $3000 and even more than that depending on the quality of the product.

The stainless steel towel warmers from Myson are corrosion resistant. So the towel will not have any mark of the metal. The classic design is suitable for any type of décor. The tradition warmers of Myson provide a sharp look to the bathroom. The contemporary warmers offer a smart and revamped look to your bathroom. To install your towel warmer you will need a number of accessories. These are also available with Myson

Though from the name, it is very obvious that towel warmers are used to warm towels, there are another functions too. They are perfect for drying delicate and hand washable objects. A damp coat can easily be brought back to its original comfort with the help of a towel warmer. These towel warmers are not made to heat the room. But the dampness of an ill ventilated bathroom can be done away with if a good towel warmer is inside.

The issue of electric expense may haunt you. But to assure you, it must be noted that towel warmers are less power consuming. Rather they use much lesser energy than that of the electric heater. Towel warmers use about 35-150 watts of electricity whereas electric heater uses average 4900 watts. Myson offers warmers which are more energy efficient than the rest.