Friday, 1 April 2011

Plug In Towel Warmer- convenient and elegant

Whether you are in the service business which uses towels (hospitality, spa, massage therapists, chiropractors, hospitals etc) or even if the towels are for personal use only, there is high probability that a good towel warmer be it the Runtal towel warmer or the Myson towel warmer will not be amiss! Towel warmers provide you with such warm, dry towels that engulfed in them you feel snug and ‘toasty’! While purchasing a towel warmer you should choose one which is made from durable materials and is long lasting. You will then find it to be an ideal fixture for your home, spa or hotel. Electric towel warmers are not only easy to install they are also perfect for even a modest budget. These can be hardwired or plugged into any electrical outlet and they come in designs ranging from classic, traditional to contemporary and trendy.

Plug in towel warmer is the most practical and easiest to install as all that it requires is a power point of the correct voltage and it can simply be plugged in. You can use plug -in towel warmers for sauna, boat or kitchen use or practically anywhere as only an electric outlet is necessary. Since they are electric they can be used all year round as opposed to the hydronic towel warmers which require to be connected to plumbing lines because they need hot water supply to get it functioning and hot water may not be used in the summer months.  Most of the electric towel warmers are oil filled in that they function with the help of built-in oil filled unit which heats the fluid although some models are using a mixture of glycol and water with success.

The hardwired electrical towel warmers need to be wired into the main electric line but they can easily be converted into the plug-in system. These can be operated continuously yet are energy saving with their energy output coming to only as much as two light bulbs. Most of these warmers operate at a safe temperature and many feature a thermostat which switches off the unit if the temperature gets warmer than normal.

But for those looking for convenience, affordability and style, plug-in towel warmers are hard to beat. Even if you are on a limited budget or the wiring in your home/commercial establishment does not permit playing around with it to fit in an electric warmer yet you crave an electric towel warmer, the plug-in variety is the solution to all your problems. The free standing plug in towel warmer is convenient requiring no installation and looks elegant. You just to have to plug it in and you are ready to be provided with comfy warm towels. Since it can be moved around wherever you wish, it is ideal for multiple usages in the laundry room, exercise room or bathroom or bedroom or the kitchen. It’s entirely up to you to put it where you see fit.

Myson Towel Warmer- the best in the hydronic warmer segment

A towel warmer has become a necessity and is no longer considered a luxury which few could afford. This is in a large measure due to the fact that towel warmers are available in a variety of designs and functions and prices which makes them more accessible to everyone now. From modestly priced electric towel warmers to high-end ones, every bathroom, kitchen or nursery or any commercial establishment can afford to have one depending upon the buyer’s budget. Towel warmers are great for not only warming up towels but they also work equally well as driers for coats, jackets, delicate clothing or hand washed clothing and even kitchen dishcloths and mitts. They are also very useful in keeping out the dampness from poorly-ventilated bathrooms thus preventing mildew from forming.

Towel warmers are mainly either electric towel warmer or hydronic warmers. The main difference between the two is that hydronic towel warmers run on hot water supply which can be got from the central heating system while the electric ones are mainly oil filled. Many hydronic towel warmers come in wall mounted or floor mounted designs making them easy to connect to the home plumbing. But, because they are used with the help of central heating, their operation is limited to only when the central heating is in progress.

A special pump and a separate heating tube can be used so that it is possible to use the towel warmer even in the summer months. Hydronic towel warmers tend to be more expensive than the electric ones and need the services of a professional plumber for installation. This type is ideal for a pool deck or at the end of a long walk from the shower as there are no electrical restrictions on its placement. Myson towel warmer is a highly respected name in the hydronic segment and is recognized by interior decorators, home owners, architects, builders and contractors alike.

Electric towel warmer is mainly oil filled and as soon as it is plugged in, the oil begins heating it. Most of them come with a low wattage heating element making them perfectly safe as well as economical. This type of warmer is fitted with a built-in electrical heating unit which heats the fluid circulating in the unit. Electric towel warmers are either soft wired (plug in towel warmers) or hard wired which requires wiring in conjunction with the bathroom electrical system. They can also be got with timers so it is possible for you preheat towels depending upon your schedule. The problem with oil filled electric warmers is that sometimes they might develop a leak if not maintained properly. So, you have to ensure that the seals don’t get worn away.

Myson towel warmers offer very distinctive and innovative ways of heating your home or commercial establishment and with their stylish yet functional designs are much sought-after. Myson towel warmers add a touch of class whether it is in your home or spa and are worth the installation.

Wesaunard Towel Warmer- custom built to the customer’s preference

Towel warmers have come a long way from the times when they were just incarnations of radiators and today, the choice is mind-boggling in terms of design, functionality, colors, finishes and materials. A bathroom towel warmer of today makes a powerful style statement in the bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer used just for their intended functions but have become retreats for relaxation and a quality towel warmer can add to the whole ambience. Amongst the many brads of towel warmers available in the market, Amba towel warmers, Myson towel warmer, Runtal towel warmer and Wesaunard towel warmer stand out for their quality and style.

Wesaunard towel warmer can be custom-built according to the customer’s requirements. The company specializes designing and producing heated towel rails in accordance with the individual needs and from plain, simple to elaborate and complex designs, all are undertaken by the designers of Wesaunard. These towel warmers can be used in bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens, nurseries, guesthouses, houseboats, hotels, changing rooms and all other types of residential and commercial properties as it comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Wesaunard towel warmer can come either in wall-mounted or floor to ceiling designs and is accompanied by a host of fashion accessories which can be just fastened onto the basic rails.

Towel warmers by Wesaunard are available in various finishes including antique, gold, chrome or nickel and brass. Satin nickel is in great demand and although the nickel is getting brighter in its finish, darker colors too are becoming popular. Bronze is being used increasingly and the trend of matching towel warmers to doors, hinges and lighting is growing. Textures are a growing concept even in towel warmers. Since Wesaunard towel warmer can be custom-made, it is available in any specialized finish as required.

Since bathrooms are becoming more than functional places, design consciousness has crept in even in the unlikeliest of bathroom accessories and these include towel warmers. There is demand for sophisticated and cutting-edge designs in towel warmer rack and many of them are works of Art Deco styles making them almost jewelry pieces. Such stylish towel warmers can evoke the luxurious feeling of a spa even in the bathroom and the Wesaunard range is just what designers are looking for to spice up the bathrooms.

The BOZ line of Wesaunard towel warmer is compact and efficient resulting in quicker and more efficient warming of the towel. The BOZ Cirqo is unique in that this heater wraps around the towel instead of the towel hanging from rails and it also boasts of a very stylish design. The BOZ Disq is a contemporary design and a true trendsetter.

Changing consumer attitudes have shown that it is no longer sufficient to provide functional efficiency in appliances but the aesthetics too matter a lot and a Wesaunard towel warmer  fulfills this criteria very well.

Towel Warmers- for that snug, ‘toasty’ feeling!

Wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel after a bath is heavenly and thanks to the innumerable varieties of towel warmers available you can do just that. No more damp, cold towels to settle for but a dry, warm towel to cuddle in after an invigorating bath and self-indulgence takes on a new meaning altogether. Not only does a stylish bathroom towel warmer add to the décor of the bathroom it is also very functional.

Towel warmers come in various styles and configurations and the electric towel warmer is the most popular. Electric towel warmers can be either plug-in towel warmers or hardwired towel warmers. The plug in towel warmer is as the name suggests simply plugged into any outlet and it is ready for use. Hardwired towel warmer needs to be physically wired to the home’s electric wiring and is a more laborious process and best done by a qualified electrician.

Most of the electric towel warmers are oil filled and have a low wattage heating element which makes them safe and economical to use. A new type of electric towel warmer uses a dry element technology termed as FilathermTM which is very similar to the one used in radiant under floor heating. It is energy efficient and provides safe operating temperatures which are evenly distributed throughout the unit thus eliminating any specific ‘hot spots’ as such. These towel warmers are easily self-installed and can be used to reduce humidity and prevent mildew and dampness in the bathrooms.

There are also hydronic towel warmers which need a hot water supply (central heating system) and they are usually wall or floor mounted for ease of connecting to the plumbing. Myson towel warmer is counted amongst the top hydronic towel warmers in the industry. Some of the other good names in the towel warmers category include Amba towel warmers, Runtal towel warmer and Wesaunard towel warmer.

Although the main function of a towel warmer is to provide warm, dry towels for use after a bath, towel warmers can be put to good use in other ways too. They are perfect for drying hand washed items and delicate clothing and for drying out bathing suits. During the winter months, they can be put to excellent use for warming up or drying out damp coats, jackets and mittens.

 Not only will the woolies be dry and warm they will also remain mildew-free. They act as great dehumidifiers in poorly ventilated bathrooms and if installed in kitchens, towel warmers can be used to keep dish towels and mitts dry. Spa owners, chiropractors, massage therapists can use them as value-additions to their business by offering warm towels to their customers after every session. This will act as a helpful tool for pampering clients and will bring in repeat customers.

You do not have to be a millionaire to install towel warmers in your home or business as they are available in prices to suit all budgets and a little self-indulgence will do no harm here!

Add an elegant touch to your bathroom with stylish towel radiators

Towel radiators are vented radiators essentially meant to dry towels. Radiators are used to heat the house or rooms in a cold climate and the mechanism generally involves heated water traveling throughout the body of the radiator. This in turn leads to the radiant heat which warms up the atmosphere. A towel radiator is so designed that it can dry and warm multiple towels simultaneously. Runtal radiators are one of the best in the business for this purpose.

Towel radiators are made of steel tubes and could range from a simple towel warmer rack to more elaborate structures.  The designs vary and the prices go up according to the complexity of the designs as well as the heating mechanisms used. Towel radiators can be electrically powered or connected to the central heating system for hot water supply or they can be a combination of both heat and electricity from the central heating system. While installing the radiators connected to the heating system it is necessary that they be installed by qualified technicians for safety purposes so that they will not impact other parts of the home. While selecting a towel radiator be it Runtal radiators or a Myson towel warmer, it is necessary to keep the size, location and method of heating in mind.

The method of heating impacts the costs and if the radiator is only going to be placed in the bathroom the expense will be less. The location in other aspects is also important since bathrooms are usually small and the available space should be utilized to the fullest. The towel radiator or the plug in towel warmers should be placed in an accessible position but care should be taken to see that towels do not drip onto other water sources. Towel warmers are available in many styles, designs, sizes to suit all budgets and a survey of all popular models like Amba towel warmers, Myson towel warmer or Wesaunard towel warmer can also be undertaken before making a choice.

Runtal radiators are a combination of efficiency and sleek designs and are affordable. They incorporate comfort, style, energy efficiency and durability all together giving consumers a chance to experience luxury at affordable costs. Runtal is considered one of the world leaders in radiant heat technology and all its products are well-designed for maximum efficiency and durability. Its sleek designs and minimum noise has made it a favorite with architects and designers as it can be both discreetly blended with the existing décor or make a bold style statement on its own.

Runtal radiators can be attached to ceilings or may be placed low under the windows. They can even be put vertically in tight corners or segmented for bay windows. Their space saving features is very useful for areas facing a space crunch.
Towel radiators are no longer humble bathroom accessories but can be an elegant fixture to any room of the house.