Friday, 1 April 2011

Add an elegant touch to your bathroom with stylish towel radiators

Towel radiators are vented radiators essentially meant to dry towels. Radiators are used to heat the house or rooms in a cold climate and the mechanism generally involves heated water traveling throughout the body of the radiator. This in turn leads to the radiant heat which warms up the atmosphere. A towel radiator is so designed that it can dry and warm multiple towels simultaneously. Runtal radiators are one of the best in the business for this purpose.

Towel radiators are made of steel tubes and could range from a simple towel warmer rack to more elaborate structures.  The designs vary and the prices go up according to the complexity of the designs as well as the heating mechanisms used. Towel radiators can be electrically powered or connected to the central heating system for hot water supply or they can be a combination of both heat and electricity from the central heating system. While installing the radiators connected to the heating system it is necessary that they be installed by qualified technicians for safety purposes so that they will not impact other parts of the home. While selecting a towel radiator be it Runtal radiators or a Myson towel warmer, it is necessary to keep the size, location and method of heating in mind.

The method of heating impacts the costs and if the radiator is only going to be placed in the bathroom the expense will be less. The location in other aspects is also important since bathrooms are usually small and the available space should be utilized to the fullest. The towel radiator or the plug in towel warmers should be placed in an accessible position but care should be taken to see that towels do not drip onto other water sources. Towel warmers are available in many styles, designs, sizes to suit all budgets and a survey of all popular models like Amba towel warmers, Myson towel warmer or Wesaunard towel warmer can also be undertaken before making a choice.

Runtal radiators are a combination of efficiency and sleek designs and are affordable. They incorporate comfort, style, energy efficiency and durability all together giving consumers a chance to experience luxury at affordable costs. Runtal is considered one of the world leaders in radiant heat technology and all its products are well-designed for maximum efficiency and durability. Its sleek designs and minimum noise has made it a favorite with architects and designers as it can be both discreetly blended with the existing d├ęcor or make a bold style statement on its own.

Runtal radiators can be attached to ceilings or may be placed low under the windows. They can even be put vertically in tight corners or segmented for bay windows. Their space saving features is very useful for areas facing a space crunch.
Towel radiators are no longer humble bathroom accessories but can be an elegant fixture to any room of the house.

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