Friday, 1 April 2011

Wesaunard Towel Warmer- custom built to the customer’s preference

Towel warmers have come a long way from the times when they were just incarnations of radiators and today, the choice is mind-boggling in terms of design, functionality, colors, finishes and materials. A bathroom towel warmer of today makes a powerful style statement in the bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer used just for their intended functions but have become retreats for relaxation and a quality towel warmer can add to the whole ambience. Amongst the many brads of towel warmers available in the market, Amba towel warmers, Myson towel warmer, Runtal towel warmer and Wesaunard towel warmer stand out for their quality and style.

Wesaunard towel warmer can be custom-built according to the customer’s requirements. The company specializes designing and producing heated towel rails in accordance with the individual needs and from plain, simple to elaborate and complex designs, all are undertaken by the designers of Wesaunard. These towel warmers can be used in bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens, nurseries, guesthouses, houseboats, hotels, changing rooms and all other types of residential and commercial properties as it comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Wesaunard towel warmer can come either in wall-mounted or floor to ceiling designs and is accompanied by a host of fashion accessories which can be just fastened onto the basic rails.

Towel warmers by Wesaunard are available in various finishes including antique, gold, chrome or nickel and brass. Satin nickel is in great demand and although the nickel is getting brighter in its finish, darker colors too are becoming popular. Bronze is being used increasingly and the trend of matching towel warmers to doors, hinges and lighting is growing. Textures are a growing concept even in towel warmers. Since Wesaunard towel warmer can be custom-made, it is available in any specialized finish as required.

Since bathrooms are becoming more than functional places, design consciousness has crept in even in the unlikeliest of bathroom accessories and these include towel warmers. There is demand for sophisticated and cutting-edge designs in towel warmer rack and many of them are works of Art Deco styles making them almost jewelry pieces. Such stylish towel warmers can evoke the luxurious feeling of a spa even in the bathroom and the Wesaunard range is just what designers are looking for to spice up the bathrooms.

The BOZ line of Wesaunard towel warmer is compact and efficient resulting in quicker and more efficient warming of the towel. The BOZ Cirqo is unique in that this heater wraps around the towel instead of the towel hanging from rails and it also boasts of a very stylish design. The BOZ Disq is a contemporary design and a true trendsetter.

Changing consumer attitudes have shown that it is no longer sufficient to provide functional efficiency in appliances but the aesthetics too matter a lot and a Wesaunard towel warmer  fulfills this criteria very well.

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