Friday, 1 April 2011

Towel Warmers- for that snug, ‘toasty’ feeling!

Wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel after a bath is heavenly and thanks to the innumerable varieties of towel warmers available you can do just that. No more damp, cold towels to settle for but a dry, warm towel to cuddle in after an invigorating bath and self-indulgence takes on a new meaning altogether. Not only does a stylish bathroom towel warmer add to the décor of the bathroom it is also very functional.

Towel warmers come in various styles and configurations and the electric towel warmer is the most popular. Electric towel warmers can be either plug-in towel warmers or hardwired towel warmers. The plug in towel warmer is as the name suggests simply plugged into any outlet and it is ready for use. Hardwired towel warmer needs to be physically wired to the home’s electric wiring and is a more laborious process and best done by a qualified electrician.

Most of the electric towel warmers are oil filled and have a low wattage heating element which makes them safe and economical to use. A new type of electric towel warmer uses a dry element technology termed as FilathermTM which is very similar to the one used in radiant under floor heating. It is energy efficient and provides safe operating temperatures which are evenly distributed throughout the unit thus eliminating any specific ‘hot spots’ as such. These towel warmers are easily self-installed and can be used to reduce humidity and prevent mildew and dampness in the bathrooms.

There are also hydronic towel warmers which need a hot water supply (central heating system) and they are usually wall or floor mounted for ease of connecting to the plumbing. Myson towel warmer is counted amongst the top hydronic towel warmers in the industry. Some of the other good names in the towel warmers category include Amba towel warmers, Runtal towel warmer and Wesaunard towel warmer.

Although the main function of a towel warmer is to provide warm, dry towels for use after a bath, towel warmers can be put to good use in other ways too. They are perfect for drying hand washed items and delicate clothing and for drying out bathing suits. During the winter months, they can be put to excellent use for warming up or drying out damp coats, jackets and mittens.

 Not only will the woolies be dry and warm they will also remain mildew-free. They act as great dehumidifiers in poorly ventilated bathrooms and if installed in kitchens, towel warmers can be used to keep dish towels and mitts dry. Spa owners, chiropractors, massage therapists can use them as value-additions to their business by offering warm towels to their customers after every session. This will act as a helpful tool for pampering clients and will bring in repeat customers.

You do not have to be a millionaire to install towel warmers in your home or business as they are available in prices to suit all budgets and a little self-indulgence will do no harm here!

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