Thursday, 16 May 2013

For sheer indulgence, invest in a luxury towel warmer rack

A towel warmer rack will almost certainly be seen in fine spas, upmarket hotels and posh houses across the world. This kind of towel rack ensures that the minute you step out of your bath, you can wrap yourself in a soft, fluffy and warm towel for a wonderful drying experience. It offers a luxurious, sensuous experience and you may be tempted to add one in your home.
Although the feeling of drying off and wrapping yourself in a soft warm towel straight off the heated towel warmer rack is almost sublime, these racks can cost quite a packet and you must be prepared to shell out extra for all the peripheral expenses. The extra expenses will include paying an electrician for the installation and connecting the rack to household heating or the water system in some cases. The utility bills are bound to go up but if you are careful, the bills need not hit the stratosphere. This can be done if you make an intelligent purchase by investing in an energy efficient towel warmer rack even if it costs more initially rather than settling for the cheapest. A good, energy efficient bathroom towel warmer rack will not consume more electricity than a normal light bulb, which, if you consider the benefits of it, is a small price to pay. Runtal towel warmer or Wesaunard towel warmer are all household names and guarantee excellent craftsmanship and performance.
Some towel warmer racks come with adjustable shelves, one or more of which can be detached, if required. The towel warmer rack can be freestanding or wall mounted and can either be fixed or be swung from the wall.
The towel warmer rack is a splurge but once the initial investment is done, you can look forward to having a spa-like experience every day in the comfort of your own home.

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