Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ramp Up Your Bathtime Experience With A Bathroom Towel Warmer

There is simply nothing like a nice hot bath.  You might be pampering yourself with a plethora of delicious products ahead of a hot date or special occasion.  You could be washing away your aches and pains after participating in sports or working out at the gym.  Otherwise, you may simply need a relaxing bath to relieve the stresses and tensions after a hard day at work.  What more appealing way to put the icing on the cake than to have your very own towel warmer.

Most folks have experienced the luxurious indulgence that towel warmers add when staying at hotels during business or leisure trips.  Your own personal preference may be for baths, showers, or a mixture of both, dependent upon the amount of time you have available and the occasion.  Either way, your cleansing experience is brought to a highly satisfactory conclusion by stepping out of the water straight in to an awaiting warm fluffy towel. 

Electric towel warmers come in a broad variety of freestanding, hardwired and hydronic models. Those you have experienced in gyms or hotels are often hydronic towel warmers that work in partnership with central heating systems.  Dependent upon your personal requirements, you might decide to opt for the same.  Hydronic models provide heat for the rooms in which they are installed, besides simply heating your towels.  This is a great added bonus if your bathroom is regularly cold or for during the winter months.  These warmers come on when your central heating does, whether you operate it manually to suit or have it on a timer. 

If you think that a hydronic model might be a little above your budget, or you lack the time and resources right now to see to the plumbing side of things, there are other towel warmer options for you.  Freestanding plug-in towel warmers are by far the most cost effective, simplest and also portable choices.  Only a minimal amount of assembly is required when you bring your package home or have it delivered to you.  Nothing needs installing, you just plug and go.

When thinking about enhancing your bathtime bliss, check out Towel Warmer Outlet as your first contact.  It is Maine based, yet dispatches many kinds of towel warmers across the United States daily, without additional shipping costs.  Its bathroom towel warmer ranges include budget models, plus all of the biggest and best names in the towel warming game, such as Amba, Myson and Runtal.     

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