Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Go For The Glow Of Amba Towel Warmers

If towel warmers feature on your wish list, for use in your home or your workplace, a leading American brand that might appeal to you is Amba.  Their comprehensive product range offers a variety of stainless steel models, coupling comfort and practicality with durability.  In fact, you cannot really make shopping mistakes when opting for Amba towel warmers, which are purpose designed and constructed with the way you live your busy life at heart. 

An Amba model ticks all the boxes of what you would expect from a towel warmer rack.  As they do not use brass or low grade steel in their production process, any worries you might have about rusting, plus general wear and tear, are eradicated.  Amba’s electric towel warmers advantageously feature multiple rails, so you can get the very most out of your investment, being able to keep several of your towels dry and heated, rather than just a single one.  If you live alone, you can enjoy warmed fluffy towels for your body, your face and your hair.  For family or business use, no one needs to be left out if family or colleagues are assigned with their own towels.  No more excuses for damp towels being left abandoned on the sides of baths and sinks, as heated rails additionally present perfect storage solutions.

Amba’s collection features both freestanding plug-in and hardwired models, so, besides static use, their freestanding models can be carried from room to room.  You can even take them along with you on boat or caravan holidays.  They can also be put to good use in several places at the likes of gyms, health clubs and other leisure facilities with changing rooms, saunas, spas and swimming pools.  As safety is of paramount importance in all scenarios, you can rest assured that each and every Amba towel warmer has an internally controlled thermostat that automatically cuts out if there is a potential danger of overheating.  This offers you the peace of mind that every possible measure has been taken to reduce the possibility of burns in homes, businesses and public places.

Towel Warmer Outlet in Maine, USA, remains a family run business since first opening its doors in 1972.  Its expert and professional staff are only too delighted to discuss with you the best possible options to suit your budget and your requirements.  Out of the many ranges it offers, Amba towel warmers continue to be exceptionally popular choices.   

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