Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Jeeves Towel Warmer, celebrate wet moments with warmth

A Jeeves towel warmer can make the best of the after bath moments. These towel warmers also known as heated towel rails can dehydrate the bathroom, warm up the towel and can wrap up your bath with a warm touch. Jeeves is a well known name in this sector.

Jeeves offer a number of towel warmer series. These series are mainly classified into straight models and curved models. A number of features actually place a Jeeves towel warmer far ahead of the others.

These Towel Warmers use automatic heating technology. This heating technology can actually change the temperature automatically. The user does not have to engage him or her in operating or controlling the temperature manually. Moreover, the electricity consumption is the lowest and no input from the homeowner is needed. The technology is undoubtedly intelligent, convenient and the most energy efficient.

Apart from AHT technology, Jeeves offer hydronic heated towel warmers. This system can do away with the electrical heating arrangements. The system works like a recirculating hot water system. Through the pump, hot water is circulated to all the railings of the towel warmer making them warm enough to heat the towel in turn. Both these AHT and the hydronic warmers are environment friendly.

A Jeeves towel warmer comes with the option of free standing. So, the warmer can be placed at any part of the bathroom and can be hung from any part. The stylish models provided by the Jeeves can actually enhance the beauty of a bathroom. So, a Jeeves towel warmer can easily be used as a decorative object of the bathroom.

Classic, Spartan, Xtract, Quadro and Tangent. These are the available range in Jeeves towel warmers. Each range has its unique style and features. The price depends on these factors along with the material the product is made of. Jeeves offers warranty on each product.  
The classic range of Jeeves towel warmer has been designed specifically with groups of bars having a proportionate gap among the groups. This design actually increases the heat density. You have to fold the towel in half and in half again.

The warmers of the Spartan range maintains equal gap between every heat rails. Following the Classic range, the Xtract range too designs the heat rails in groups of three. Considerable gaps are there in between the group-rails. Quadro range too contains groups of more than three rails.  Similar is the Tangent range. But the models which are not free standing have tangent shelf heat rails with them.

Apart from providing comfort, luxury to you and beautiful design to your bathroom, a Jeeves towel warmer can also be considered as a hygienic element. Though they can not be considered as the primary source of heating the room, but the warmth of these warmers keep the germs at bay.

Buying a Jeeves towel warmer is quite easy. Since towel warmers are a must have after a luxurious bath and Jeeves is a brand, there are number of dealers dealing with them. Towelwarmeroutlet.com provides free shipping too. 

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