Thursday, 22 March 2012

Myson– a trusted name in the towel warmer segment

A towel warmer has become a necessary indulgence as there is nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in a fluffy, warm towel on cold days or after an invigorating shower/bath. It makes you feel comfortable and pampered. Although there is a wide variety of these towel warmers available in the market because of its huge popularity make sure that you choose a trusted brand. Myson is a well-known and reputed brand in the towel warmer segment and has plenty of designs, models to offer the discerning customer. The price ranges from modest to the high-end and it has all sorts of towel warmers to suit every home, spa or other commercial establishments. They come in a variety of materials like chrome, bronze, stainless steel, brass or nickel to suit any décor. There are many sizes available also to fit into the required area. Heated towel rails or warmers are useful for not only towels but also for quick drying of jackets, coats or other delicate or hand-washed clothing. In the bathroom they help to keep out the moistness thus preventing mildew, mold and a host of other bacteria.  They are very handy in the kitchen too for acting as driers for kitchen mitts and dish cloths.
Towel warmers can either be hydronic or electric and both have different heating methods. Hydronic warmers use hot water supply from the central heating system to run and the electric ones have to be connected to electricity and run on oil which is inside them. Hydronic towel warmers cost more than the electric ones and needs professional installation to prevent any snags occurring in other areas of the house when the heating is on. Myson has a range of hydronic towel warmers which can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted and the brand is the first choice of all interior designers, builders, architects and contractors. Hydronic warmers are well-suited to a pool deck or if there is a long walk from the shower as there are no restrictions on its placement due to electricity concerns.
Myson also leads in the electric towel warmer segment and offers a choice of plug-in or hard wired warmers. The hard wired ones require to be connected to the bathroom electrical system. In the lug-in variety, as soon as the warmer is plugged in, the oil within it begins getting heated up and radiates heat. The portable variety is handy as it can be shifted from one place to the other as per your needs. Myson has a range of budget electric towel warmers too which will fit in any bathroom décor without causing a hole in your pocket. You will get warm towels along with a reduction in mildew and musty smells in the bathroom. Its designer towel warmers come in stylish designs offering a contemporary look. 
Myson towel warmers are suitable for both kitchen installations as well as bathroom towel racks. They offer elegant style, functionality and practicality and are a good choice for your home or commercial establishment.

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