Thursday, 22 March 2012

Heated Towel Rails- choosing the right one for your bathroom

Heated towel rails are meant to dry and warm your towels and they are fast replacing the radiators as a stylish yet functional alternative. These towel rails not only provide warmth in the bathroom itself they also cut out the condensation thereby limiting the growth of mildew and mold to a large extent. They also help in giving an organized look to your bathroom as clothes/towels can be hung neatly on them. Some of these towel warmers come with timers which give you the facility to preheat your towels and to turn them on or off at the requisite time.
Heated towel rails come mainly in three varieties; plumbed-in rails, electric rails and dual fuel rails. Plumbed-in towel warmers are connected to the central heating system and they are much cheaper than the other types of towel rails. These rails automatically get heated once the central heating system starts and are great for those cold mornings to keep the bathroom nicely warm. Electric rails are not connected to the central heating system and can be turned on or off depending upon the weather. This works great during warm weather when the central heating system is not used yet you can wallow in the luxury of warm towels. This is type of towel warmer is also useful if you do not have a central heating already in place. For a combination of both functions you should opt for the dual fuel rails.
Owing to the increasing popularity of heated towel rails, bathroom suppliers have started keeping a large stock of these towel warmers in a variety of materials, models and designs. These rails also come in many different colors and sizes to suit every individual need.  Some of the most popular designs are the curved, ladder and round towel rails. Curved towel rails take up minimal space and can be hung on any wall. They come in various shapes and sizes and work very well at low temperatures. If you wish to add a decorative element in the shape of a towel warmer then these rails are for you. They add beauty to your bathroom besides giving a clean, uncluttered to the area. Ladder towel rails are designed to hold multiple towels simultaneously and are good for handling a whole family’s towels. They also add the classic touch to your bathroom. The base of these ladder rails too can be used as storage. For simplicity and sturdiness opt for the round rails which can hold one or more towels depending upon the structure (singleton or coupled). These blend in unobtrusively with the rest of the bathroom and offer easy maintenance and durability.
While shopping for heated towel rails, the basic thing to keep in mind is whether the rail will fit in with the size and design of the room and the amount of work you are willing to put in its installation. There are many trusted brands available in the market of which Myson is one of the foremost in this segment.

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