Thursday, 22 March 2012

Electric towel warmers ensure odorless and dry towels every time!

Towel warmers, towel radiators, heated towel rails are no longer considered the indulgences of the select rich but have increasingly made their presence felt in homes across all strata. This holds especially true for places in colder climates as one can quickly wrap up in a warm, snug towel soon after a shower/bath. Electric towel warmers are bathroom accessories which are meant to dry the bath towels quickly and are great for those who do not like using damp towels.
Electric towel warmers are made of metal consisting of two vertical rods and several horizontal rods. They can either be soft wired (plug in variety) or hardwired with wiring in conjunction with the electrical system of the bathroom. The oil inside the tubes gets heated up and then the towels can simply be draped on the rods for them to dry out within a few minutes. Some also come attached with timers so towels can be preheated at your convenience. This type of towel warmer is also cost-effective as it utilizes a mere 120 volts and its consumption of electricity is less than that of an electric bulb. Since its main component is oil it consumes less power and your electricity bill definitely does not get bloated due to the usage of this towel warmer.

The other main advantage of an electric towel warmer is that since it keeps the towels dry, there is less chance of catching infections from moist, damp towels. Damp towels are the easiest way to spread infections like cold, flu, virus and electric towel warmers help combat this problem. They dry up the moisture in the towels leaving the towels free form germs and bacteria. The towels also feel fresh and odor free, as if newly washed and are a pleasure to use. A bathroom is anyway a place where it is very easy for bacteria to breed as it offers a damp atmosphere and mold, fungus are more likely to make an appearance here than in any other room. The heat radiated from electric towel warmers makes the bathroom less conducive to bacteria and inhibits the growth of fungi and mold making it easier to clean as well as provide a more relaxing bath. 

An electric towel warmer is very useful to have in the house as it offers multiple functions. Not only does it dry the towels so you no longer are forced into making do with damp towels it also keeps the towels warm which can be a really comfortable feeling during cold weather. It keeps the chills away soon after a shower. It can also be used for a quick dry of your socks, handkerchiefs or blouses. Myson is one of the most trusted names in the towel warmers segment and has a variety of towel warmers in various colors like bronze, gold, white or silver and designs like spiral, rack or basket to suit your taste.

Electric towel warmers are a fast and convenient way of ensuring moisture-free and dry towels every time you go for a bath without the hassles of washing them daily.


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