Thursday, 4 August 2011

Heated towel rails – A must for modern bathrooms

While designing a home the bathroom is one place which gets utmost attention of the architect and the interior designer. Heated towel rails are becoming more and more popular nowadays in the modern bathroom fixtures as it comes bundled with many advantages. Also known as towel radiators, the heated towel rails also serve the purpose of radiators in the bathroom.

The towel warmer rack is becoming a most sought after product for the bathroom as it not only provides you a warm feel of towel after your bath but it also helps in keeping the towels fresh throughout by reducing the growth of mold and mildew.

There were days when simple bars or hangers were used to hang towels in the bathroom, but can you imagine what will happen if you get a damp towel after your warm bath on a cold winter day. A hot towel after a hot shower is relaxing for both your body and mind. In places where winters are really chilly, the demand for heated towel rails overtakes its supplies. Everybody wants to install a towel warmer in their bathroom.

Initially used by the European hotels, the bathroom towel warmers served the purpose of both towel racks and towel dryer. After it became popular all over, manufacturers are producing heated towel rails in various state of the art designs which can go well with the interiors of both modern and orthodox styles of bathrooms. Not only this, most modern houses now also have a common place for towel warmer racks in their living and lounge areas. Runtal radiators are one of the most common names amongst the most popular heated towel rail companies.

It is important that the towel radiators are installed in a proper place in the bathroom. They should be such placed that you can easily get hold of it and should be within the reach from the shower or bathtub area. However, if you have kids at home it is advisable that it is kept out of the reach of children as they may burn themselves if they touch the heated towel rails when they become excessively hot. As the bathroom towel warmer uses electricity, it must also be seen that water is not split on it as it may result in short circuit and may cause damage.

Now, although it uses electricity- there is no need to worry as far as running costs are concerned. The heated towel warmers consume very small amount of energy which will not burn holes in your pockets. The heated towel rails come in various types and a design with variable costs to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Everyone can have one according to his pocket size. So, go ahead and unlock the potential of your bathroom to get a most comfortable and luxurious bathroom you ever dreamt of.

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