Thursday, 4 August 2011

Get the spa experience in your bathroom with Towel warmer rack

If you really want to unwind after a long day’s work and relax your mind and body you may feel like visiting a Spa. But when you are really tired and you do not want to go out of your home, you wish that you could get that spa experience at your home itself. It can be made possible with some small alterations in your bathroom and by adding few things as simple as towel warmer racks.             These heated towel rails give you the much needed warmth in your towels which gives you a most soothing and relaxing feel after your bath and can also relieve you from any sort of neck cramps and pains.

Looking like just normal railings, these towel warmer racks are also known as towel radiators. Featuring a special type of electrical operation, these towel warmers not only warm your towels but also help in keeping your bathroom heated. They dry up your towels and absorb all moisture and keep them hot so that when you put it around your neck you get the real spa like experience and feel rejuvenated. As installing a towel warmer rack is not very difficult all households can try this and feel the warmth of it.

With the heated towel rail, you need to be a bit careful so as to avoid touching the heated rails directly which may burn your skin if too hot. As electrical wiring is involved it needs to be seen that the towel warmer racks are installed in such a place so as to avoid direct contact with water. With all the cautions exercised in installing the heated towel rails, you can really get the luxurious feel of getting wrapped in a warm towel as if waiting for an attendant in a Spa.

The heated towel rails also keep your bathroom fresh all day long and help in doing away with the wet or mildew smell that is created in the baths with regular supply of wet towels and clothes. In places where the weather is very chilly and it is difficult to dry your towels and clothes the Towel radiators also serve the purpose of drying up your wet towels and keeping them fresh and warm.

For a perfect setting of heated towel rails few refreshing Aroma candles around the tub adds to the refreshing feel and can make your bathroom look like a mini spa.

Many manufacturers offer towel warmers and you can shop online for the perfect towel radiator that can turn your bath into a spa. Runtal Radiators and Myson are few reputed names that offer products in this range. However, a wide choice is available on the web and if you spend some time you are sure to choose the right one for you.   

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