Thursday, 4 August 2011

Choosing the right type of towel warmer racks

Although considered as a luxury, towel warmer racks are fast becoming a most sought after fitting for your bathroom both due to their functionality and uses.  Gone are the days when general metal rods were used for hanging towels in the bathroom. Now people are becoming more and more conscious about the décor of their bathroom as bathroom is one place which is noticed by your guests very easily. The heated towel rails also provide your bathroom an impeccable sense of contemporary style.

Although the functions of all types of towel warmers are more or less the same, selecting the one amongst various options depends upon your budget and the amount of space you have in your bathroom. One of the most easy and convenient to use is the electronic heated towel rails. These towel warmer racks are very easy to install and you can get one according to your budget.

There are plug-in options available so that you can plug in the towel warmer into the electric socket whenever you want to use it. If you do not want loose wire than you can also opt for hard wired concealed wiring for your towel radiators. The electronic towel rails are available with both wall mounting and free standing options. Myson, Wesaunard towel warmers offer many options in electronic heated towel rails.

Then the other option is of Hydronic towel warmers which warm your towels with the help of circulating hot water. As they are integrated into a closed loop hot water it does not cause additional humidity in your bathroom.  Controlled with a stylish valve, the hydronic towel warmers can be installed easily without any professional help either on the wall or on the floor. They provide your towels with soothing and natural warmth and give you the relaxed feel as soon as you wrap it around you. They are available in simple ladder style rails and also other impeccable designs.

Towel warmer racks come in both traditional and contemporary styles to suit the décor of your bathroom. The traditional style towel warmers are though equipped with ultra modern heating elements so as to save energy and provide the required heat. Available in various finishes such as nickel, chrome, brass, polished bronze etc., you can choose the one which adds to the style of your bathroom and complements with other fittings.

So, if you want to luxuriate in your own bathroom and get that rejuvenated feel after every bath as if you have come home from Spa, you should go ahead and shop for the most suitable type of towel warmer racks for your bathroom. You will not only get the feel of exuberance and style but the heated towel rails will also provide the much needed heating to your bathroom and help keep it warm during the chilly winters.

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