Saturday, 2 July 2011

Towel heater, touch of warmth

After a long, lavish and luxurious bath what your body craves for is warmth. But most of the time you are pushed to take your damp towel and get yourself dried. A few years back it was only a luxury to have a Towel Heater in your bathroom that the star hotels could afford. But now, the situation has changed. Comfort tops the priority list after a day's strenuous work. So, towel heaters are thriving in demand. A number of companies are there who have already made a name in this sector.

Towel heaters are available in a number of forms. Towel warmers, towel heating rails are all that can offer you with the pleasure. There are two main operating systems of these towel heaters. Electric and hydronic. You may shrink from the idea of installing a towel heater in your bathroom, thinking that it will multiply the electric charge. But the truth is something far away from this. These heaters are really less power consuming, much less than the drier. Plus, if you install a hydronic towel heater, the issue of power consumption does not arise at all.

A towel heater
looks like a stand with multiple heating rods. Once you keep your towel on these rods, it will get warm and dry within a few minutes. The main purpose of the towel heater is this. But this is not the only and ultimate purpose of a towel heater. They can actually dry up any hand washable clothe equally. Moreover, they can keep away the germ which breed from wetness. The temperature inside the bathroom also remains quite pleasant because of the heat. So, it is not only the after bath moment that would get warmer because of a towel heater, the moment you step inside the bathroom, you will feel an enjoyable warmth hugging you.

Yet there is one more function of these heaters. These can be good bathroom accessories. You can place these heaters at any convenient place of the bathroom. The free standing heaters can be placed at any place since they do not need any support. Those which are supposed to be hung can also add to the beauty of the bathroom. Now, these heaters are coming with different designs and colors suited to the decor of your bathroom. So, if you are planning to revamp your bathroom, you can think of a Towel Heater which will offer both the beauty to eyes and warmth to your body.

Installing of the heaters is also easy. There are two methods. The heater can be simply plugged. Or, it can be wired with the home's electric setting. If you want to have a hydronic heater, the process is similarly simple. Water is pumped into the heating rods of a heater. It is the impact of the hot water that makes the towel comfortable warm.

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