Saturday, 2 July 2011

Myson Towel warmers, style combined with comfort

Towel warmers redefine comfort by offering an instantly warm hug through a warm towel. Myson is an established name in this industry. So, Myson Towel Warmers are in huge demand. They have a number of towel warmers to fit as your bathroom accessories. A variety of price ranges and designs are available in Myson. There are a number of towel warmers’ dealers who deal with brands like Myson.
After a luxurious bath who will not love to have a warm and dry cover around him? But, it is most likely that your towel is damp and you are compelled to help yourself with that wet towel only. Here comes the towel warmer that warm up your wet towels in a wink and gift you with a warm touch just after a bath. So, these towel warmers are an object of necessity. Yet, with Myson Towel Warmers they have elevated to the status of fashion accessory of the bathroom décor.

Myson Towel Warmers have an array of towel warmers of different types. Stainless steel towel warmers, classic collection towel warmers, traditional style towel warmers, contemporary design towel warmers are among them. All these have been designed according to the décor of the bathroom. These towel warmers will be a visible and prominent accessory of a bathroom. So they can not ignore the design or the look of the rest of the bathroom. This explains why Myson Towel warmers accommodate a large number of designs starting from traditional to contemporary.
The price of these Myson Towel warmers depend a lot on the metal the towel warmers are made of. Other deciding factors include the design, warranty etc. The starting price is around $400 and the price can go up to $3000 and even more than that depending on the quality of the product.

The stainless steel towel warmers from Myson are corrosion resistant. So the towel will not have any mark of the metal. The classic design is suitable for any type of décor. The tradition warmers of Myson provide a sharp look to the bathroom. The contemporary warmers offer a smart and revamped look to your bathroom. To install your towel warmer you will need a number of accessories. These are also available with Myson
Though from the name, it is very obvious that towel warmers are used to warm towels, there are another functions too. They are perfect for drying delicate and hand washable objects. A damp coat can easily be brought back to its original comfort with the help of a towel warmer. These Towel Warmers are not made to heat the room. But the dampness of an ill ventilated bathroom can be done away with if a good towel warmer is inside.

The issue of electric expense may haunt you. But to assure you, it must be noted that towel warmers are less power consuming. Rather they use much lesser energy than that of the electric heater. Towel warmers use about 35-150 watts of electricity whereas electric heater uses average 4900 watts. Myson offers warmers which are more energy efficient than the rest.

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