Sunday, 26 August 2012

Heated Towel Rails for Luxurious Bathing Experiences

Heated Towel Rails are becoming increasingly popular these days and can be one of the features in the design of yourbathroom. If you want heated and fluffy towels for wrapping yourself after a bath or shower then this is exactly what you need.

It also works like a Towel Radiator; by radiation of heat it helps to keep the bathroom dry and prevents the bacteria and any unpleasant smell which usually comes from a wet towel some time after using it. As an additional effect of this heat radiance feature, you may find that your bathroom is fully heated just as you would like it, even though that is not the primary objective for having this product.

There are various types of Heated Towel Rails. The metal that is used could be soft steel or brass or could be a chrome finish. Depending upon the size of your bathroom and your design preferences you need to decide upon the product you wish to have. There are Freestanding Towel Rails which you need to place in the corner of the room, whereas if you go for the Mounted Towel Rails you need to fit it in the wall. You may also choose from the Towel Racks which have to be hung from the ceiling to the floor. There are different types available in terms of functionality; some products are electrically heated, whereas others use hot water for heating. You may also opt for Dual Fuel process which can use either of the heating systems.

There should not be any safety concerns as there is no exposed material in the unit. You just need to ensure that it is correctly installed by a professional who is qualified for it. Most products come with a warranty, and in case of any dispute you just need to call up the customer care. Thoughyou can leave your Towel Rail or Towel Warmer on for a long time without causing any damage to it, you are recommended to use the Digital and Programmable Timer System of the unit to save your money on the heating bill.

Earlier, these bathroom features, because of their price tag could only be seen in good hotels or guest houses. However over the recent years these units have become available at affordable prices in the market and with more attractive and innovative designs.

You can order for one of the Heated Towel Rails of your choice online. The installation of this convenient and environment friendly feature can give your guests a real talking point and provide yourself with a luxurious bathing experience at your own house.

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